overview of services economic consulting

The economic consulting of a company is complex and extensive. Therefore, we cannot and do not want to present here more than an excerpt of the services we can provide for you. As far as necessary and reasonable in your situation, we resort to external cooperation partners. Here it is important for us to show you exactly the right solution, among other things by

  • the creation of business plans,
  • the preparation of business evaluations and forecasts
  • the controlling of the company figures with planning and gleaning, for the preparation and accompaniment of bank presentations incl. deviation analyses
  • the consultation with establishment of enterprises
  • advice on the choice of legal form and change of legal form
  • the valuation of business assets, in particular taking into account tax implications
  • Advice and support in the acquisition and sale of companies
  • Advice on and in connection with company succession
  • consulting on all calculation problems and cost accounting, including implementation and realization in the context of ongoing tax and business processes
  • Advice on the comparison of credit and leasing offers including the optimal selection and design of the financing instrument (also from a tax point of view)
  • rating advisory, reorganization reports according to IDW standard
  • Support in coping with economic crises, both vis-à-vis banks and suppliers, as well as with regard to the company's continued existence