receivables managaement

We do not want to collect receivables, but work with you to develop and implement legal receivables management.

You may be saying to yourself, "That's the same thing!", but we understand legal receivables management to be that little bit more.
Together with you, we would like to discuss the billing process, starting with invoicing, documentation of services rendered, and ending with order processing. Obtaining an enforceable title is one thing, but recovering the titled debt is at least as important.

Here it is important that your individual requirements and processes are taken into account and that our activities are "adapted" to them. Successful claims management does not consist of obtaining a title and the subsequent enforcement according to a "pattern", but is only successful and purposeful if a coordinated approach is practiced.

The basis of a successful titling is, among other things, the way of your documentation (did you know that UPS does not store the delivery bills countersigned as a sign of acceptance for longer than 6 months and that after this you can only provide the proof of delivery with great difficulty, or even not at all) and order processing. The recovery of your claim requires knowledge of the whereabouts of the debtor's assets. Already at the stage of order processing, you can gain advantages that may pay off later, as you will be able to enforce your claim more quickly and be the first of several creditors to access assets (e.g. by documenting the debtor's bank details).

Only through an optimal and coordinated interaction of entrepreneur and service provider you can ensure the foundation for an effective recovery of your outstanding debt. This is what we want to achieve together with you.