corporate law

We advise you not only on the formation of companies or the ongoing legally flawless processing (e.g. regular shareholders' meetings / resolutions, compliance with the requirements of company law laid down in the articles of association), but also on the amendment of the articles of association / the corporate form up to the dissolution of the company.
Taking into account your requirements and the tax circumstances, not only the common company forms such as limited liability company (GmbH), limited partnership (KG) (also in the form of GmbH & Co. KG), general partnership (OHG), civil law partnership (GbR) (BGB-Gesellschaft), limited company (Ltd.) (also called small GmbH) or Ltd. & Co. KG, but also more complex issues such as foundations, stock corporations (AG) (also in modified forms e.g. as KGaA).

We advise you on the right legal form, structure of your company and the resulting drafting of contracts. If a change becomes necessary, we accompany the implementation. In addition, our range of advice also includes procedures for the (de-)appointment of managing directors or board members, the enforcement of non-competition clauses against employees, managing directors and shareholders, the sale, assignment and redemption (caducation) of shares, transformation of the company (change of legal form) including a merger of several companies or the implementation of divisions under company law.