labor law

If you are employed or have employed third parties yourself, the applicable labor law determines the essential part of your (professional) life. This applies to the conclusion of an employment contract, the structuring of the working conditions, the working environment or the termination of the contractual relationship.

Our advice begins with the conclusion of the contractWe would like to look "into the future" together with you, discuss the essential elements of the employment contract with you, support you in negotiations and set the right course for a dispute-free, but clear rules following coexistence.

Has your employment relationship been terminated or is there a need to terminate the employment relationship with an employee? Then we should talk to work out the necessary next steps. The goal should be to discuss the factual and legal situation with you as early as possible so that you can act and react on the basis of solid knowledge.

Not every notice of termination given is effective, not every employer has considered everything that is required, and not every employee has to be accused of a mistake entitling him to termination.
Together with you, we clarify all questions that arise, such as...

  • Has the employment relationship been terminated in the required form ?Or: What form must I observe in order to issue a formally valid notice of termination?
  • Is it necessary to give reasons for the terminationWhat is the effect if no reasons are given? Has the notice period been calculated correctly? What happens if the employer has miscalculated?
  • Has the notice period been calculated correctly? What happens if the employer has miscalculated?
  • What deadlines must I observe? By when must the employee go to the employment agency and register as a jobseeker/unemployed, what obligations does the employer have in this regard?
  • I have been releasedfrom work, what does this mean for me?
  • Is the certificate issued proper or is it objectionable?

Labor law advice is not limited to the conduct of a labor law dispute, it begins earlier and does not end with the existence of a settlement / judgment.