it and competition law

Competition law is the area of law that deals with state regulation of the activities of entrepreneurs in order to promote appropriate, market-based competition. Here we distinguish between
unfair competition (regulation of competition by the state, prosecution by the citizen -> e.g. law against unfair competition UWG)
Antitrust law (intervention by the state to prevent or eliminate economic cartels between companies that interfere with free competition -> e.g. Act against Restraints of Competition GWB or Block Exemption Regulation)
State aid law (steering of competition by companies benefiting from state funds -> TFEU)

IT law is becoming increasingly relevant in current developments. This is true not only because IT is becoming more and more important in our private and professional lives, but also because this area of law is in a constant state of change and constant, sometimes very rapid (technical) development, which in turn raises legal problems that did not exist "yesterday". Here, there is a close interlocking with competition law, because a violation is often the cause for warnings.

We advise you not only preventively to avoid an infringement of competition law, but also reactively in all the above-mentioned areas. This also applies to legal disputes not only with other entrepreneurs, but also with the antitrust authorities or the public administration.