tax law

Tax law is one of the central areas of law in our daily lives. The majority of daily transactions touch on tax law issues. It is therefore important to consider tax law issues as early as possible in the drafting of contracts and work processes.

We understand optimal tax law advice as a symbiosis of the expertise of a tax advisor and a lawyer. This cooperation requires on the part of the lawyer an understanding and "knack" for tax law. If you do not recognize or anticipate problems, you will not be able to solve them.

Tax law is a subject which tax advisors and auditors have made their own and which is too complex to be dealt with "on the side". We would therefore like to be able to help in everyday life, be it in labor law (e.g.: How can I define wage components in order to qualify parts as tax-advantaged supplements instead of a regular gross salary, if necessary, and thus save social security contributions?) or in commercial law (e.g.: How can I integrate shareholder / director loans into the financing of the company in such a way that interest paid by the company to the shareholders for the capital provided is tax deductible for the company?) not lose sight of tax law issues and act as a link to your tax advisor.

You have a vital interest in working with an advisor who thinks outside the "box" at this point.